Gnocchi 101

So, Michael Ruhlman says in “Ratio”, that Pâte à choux dough is extremely versatile and that it should be part of every home cook’s repertoire.  Ok.  I am a home cook who would like to expand their repertoire.  This sounded like the perfect opportunity!  It helped that two people very close to me are gnocchi appreciators, so I had two able mouths waiting to try my theoretically wonderful gnocchi.  I had visions of small, airy, pillows of pasta sitting on top a bed of spinach, lightly coated with butter and garlic.  So, I set to work on the dough.  8 ounces water.  4 ounces butter.  1/2 teaspoon of salt.  4 ounces flour.  8 ounces egg. (4 large eggs). And that was it.  It seemed pretty easy to me!  I made the dough according to the directions: cooking the butter, salt and water together before adding the flour.  Then, I took it off the heat and added the four eggs.  The batter looked pretty good:

I then piped the dough onto a cookie sheet and stuck it in the freezer.  Everything was going peachy.  Disaster struck was when I tried to cut them into gnocchi sized pieces and then poach them in boiling water.  I poached a tester blob of dough, but took it out way too early and ended up biting into lava-hot, partially cooked dough.  Taste Tester 2 thought we should put all the pasta in at once…and so we did.

I wish I had a picture of the boiling mess that this pasta made.  I was too concerned that it was going to explode everywhere to take a picture!  All the pasta became glued together in one molten mass of butter and flour and looked nothing like the back-up gnocchi I had sitting in my freezer.  Taste Tester 2 decided to dump some of the mass into a pan where I had butter, olive oil and garlic waiting.  I wish that it would have fixed the problem.


Yep.  The gnocchi ended up in the trash and not our mouths.  Oh well!  Not all was lost.  I learned two things: 1, that I needed to eat more butter.  The batter was super tasty!  2, champagne is a good problem solver; after two glasses of champagne, who cares if the gnocchi didn’t turn out?  Taste Tester 1 did say she’d let me try to make gnocchi again for her..Pâte à choux, you haven’t seen the last of me!


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