Welcome to Trout’s

More about me…

1. Pots over flowing.  This sound ridiculous, but it’s true!  No matter what grain or legume I cook in a covered pot, it ALWAYS over flows.  The lentils that I cooked for the loaf?  Yep, that overflowed at least three times.  The brown rice I cooked to eat with my tofu?  Yes, definitely an overflow situation.  I may have mastered rice, but I hesitate to say that out loud because it might overflow the next time I cook it.  Covered pots are finicky.  

2. Baking.  At least making up my own recipe is down right frightening to me.  I tried once to make my own cookies.  For some reason when I was shopping for the ingredients, I thought that you made cookies with oil, not butter.  Uh, what?  When I looked up the recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies, I quickly discovered that I needed butter.  I tried to do a conversion and use the oil I had, but that did not end well.  Apparently my math skill needs some work.  The cookies made a huge, gooey mess that was quite amusing to Taste Tester 2.  In fact, he still talks about it today, and this happened almost three years ago. Ratio has given me hope though.  As soon as E2 is over, I predict there will be lots of butter in my future!

3. Speaking of butter…I have a slight phobia of butter.  I know, I know, it seems crazy!  We just didn’t eat it growing up.  We used to, but then my mom weaned us off of it.  First she put out unsalted butter on the table with dinner.  After everybody in the family got over that, then she stopped putting butter out all together.  After the butter withdrawals stopped, she introduced us to olive oil and I’ve been dipping my bread in it ever since.  Now, I love olive oil and find absolutely nothing wrong with it’s delicious, lemony, smooth flavor.  But a little butter never hurt anyone, right?  And it tastes so damn good!

4. I fee terrible on this E2 Diet.  Maybe it’s, I don’t know, the LACK OF FAT in my diet!!  We need fat to survive, Rip!  Seriously, how could anyone eat like this for the rest of their life?  Life is not worth living if you can’t saute garlic and onions in olive oil (butter? :))  Seriously, nothing smells better to me than that and nothing reminds me so distinctly of home as that smell.  Sorry, Rip.  I’ve been eating a little oil.  I might need some sushi.  I am not overweight, I don’t have terrible cholesterol and my blood pressure is great, thanks to all the running I do.  I don’t NEED to do this, it is merely an experiment that I am quickly finding the conclusion to.  (I may or may not have ate pizza last night.  It was vegan, but it had all kinds of delicious, oily, soy cheese on it.  YUM!)

5. I cooked a lot when I was younger.  So much so, that I turned the kitchen in my family’s cabin into my own restaurant, Trout’s.  I can’t remember why I called it that, but I drew a picture of a rainbow trout and tacked up above the entrance to the kitchen.  If I ever own a restaurant, you can bet that it will be named Trout’s.  Or my cookbook.  That will definitely have something to do with Trout’s.

I don’t know if my drawing looked quite this good, but you get the idea.  My parents still say “Trout’s is a good place to eat!” every time they make a particularly tasty dish at their house.  Trout’s lives on!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Trout’s

  1. Bravo, Sarah! First of all, I have to say that the rice comment made me oh-so proud… 🙂 Second of all, I made vegan choc chip cookies last night with canola oil instead of butter and they’re the bomb! Since you’re cheating a little, please eat some with me today or tomorrow?

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