New Toy!

I bought this after the parents left on Sunday.  Talk about an impulse buy, but it was worth it.

Oh yes.

It helped that sister was there to convince me to buy it.

“This is a lot of money, I should really be saving for vacation.”

“How much money do you have in savings?”

“About 2.500.”

“You have SO much money!  Buy this.  What are you saving for, good times?  THIS will document your good times.  You’re only a year older than me, what are you saving for, retirement?  Buy this.  Now.”

“I don’t know…”

“Whether you use this to take pictures of food or not, it’s nice to have a good camera.  Just don’t forget to pack this when you go on vacation.”

And so, I did.

Sister has a way of convincing me to buy things.  The last thing that I bought for myself that was this expensive was the sapphire and diamond ring that I fell in love with at Macy’s.  Our conversation about buying that was similar to the camera conversation.  In my defense, both the camera and the ring were on sale.

Check out the the pictures this thing takes!

Morning mate; hello energy!

Naughty, non-E2 pizza.  The feta was worth it.  And I think I’m overcoming my hatred towards sun dried tomatoes.

Malbec.  Mom’s current favorite and now mine.

Favorite rings.  I’m wearing the sapphire one right now.

Off to go run/hike and take some more cool pictures with my camera!  Baking bread later!

Happy eating!


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