Grandma Loretta Bread Part 2

Yesterday, I made this bread.  Here it is, proofing in the pot.  This was fermenting in the refrigerator all night.

I took it out of the fridge early this morning to bring it to room temperature.  And then I baked it for 30 minutes in the Le Creuset with the cover on.  Took the cover off and let it finish baking.


Looks pretty rustic, but I think it’s pretty!  I put olive oil and salt on top before baking.  And it brought the crust to the next level!

Yummy glutenous layers of goodness.

I am excited about my bread!

Very excited.

I ate some this morning with almond butter and coconut butter.  I liked the coconut butter better on it; it didn’t mask the flavor of the bread so much.  The bread was slightly dense with addition of whole wheat flour, but the flavor did not suffer.  It was slightly sweet, with a light, crispy crust on the outside.  A perfect breakfast.

My apartment still smells like baking bread.  There are few smells better than this one!

Happy eating!


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