Will Run For Food

I ran 8 miles today with Alli!  We’re training for Grandma’s Marathon and I am SO excited about it!  I’ve never been to Duluth.  It’s going to be cool to explore Minnesota more.

I was HUNGRY all day after I ran; it’s hard being vegan and trying to refuel.  I ate a bowl of beans and rice that was the size of my head after the run.  It was tasty, but I was craving a turkey sandwich, like the one Alli was going to make after we ran.  I ate a Larabar later as well.  And then a giant tempeh wrap from Southern Sun.  Sigh…only one more week on E2.

I have only done one other marathon previously and it was the Seattle Rock n Roll in 2009.

I would be lying if I said this was easy.  Running 1 mile is easy; add 25.1 more to that and it becomes a different game.  It really is true that the race starts at mile 20, especially if it’s your first marathon.  You haven’t run further than 20 miles and it’s difficult to describe what goes on in your mind as you run them.

Off I go into uncharted territory!

I really thought I was losing my mind in the last three miles.  My mom and aunt called it “marathon brain.”  I wasn’t really sure how I was still picking up my feet and running.  Well, it might have been more of a just-faster-than-a-walk shuffle, but either way, it was tough.  I definitely had a mental break down at mile 24.5, where I was sure that I was I wasn’t going to make it and I was cursing the person who designed the course.   They must have thought it would be a great idea to put a gentle incline this far into a marathon.

And then, I dug in and finished.  I took off and didn’t stop running until I crossed the finish line and dissolved into a pile of tears.  The first thing I needed was ice.

It felt like someone slowly pounding nail in to each of my knees.

But, despite the suffering and pain, I had great support throughout the race!

And I want to do another one.

I might be a little crazy, but so is everyone who runs marathons!  That is what’s so great about races, the connection that you feel from so many strangers who are all about to do the same crazy thing as you, and they’re doing it voluntarily.  Because they love it.  Because it’s their passion.

Marathons.  It’s a marathon physically.  Mentally.  And emotionally.  I can’t wait until Grandma’s!

Happy eating!



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