Foods I cannot live without

There are just some foods you can’t live without, right?  I mean, everyone has a favorite meal, I’m talking about that group of foods individually that you’re life wouldn’t be complete without.  Am I the only one who would have a complete mental break down if garlic disappeared from the world?  Maybe.  But it’s definitely in my top five.

  • Garlic.  What doesn’t garlic enhance?  Ok, maybe not an oatmeal raisin cookie, which is one of the only cookie flavors I like, but seriously.  A recipe calls for 1 clove of garlic?  I’ll probably add 3.  The more garlic the better!  My dad always joked that he hated garlic because my mom used so much in her cooking.  “Is there garlic in this?” was the running joke at the dinner table.
  • Onions.  Onions are garlic’s partner in crime!  You can’t have one without the other!  The second onions hit olive oil, the smell takes me right back to my parent’s kitchen and my mom’s cooking.  It mostly reminds me of the spanish dishes she made, like my favorite, arroz chico, or arroz con pollo.  
  • Olive Oil.  This is the final team player of cooking in my kitchen.  I’ve talked about my phobia of butter, but in all seriousness, I like olive oil better.  There is nothing that compares to the rich, lemony flavor that olive oil lends to cooking.  (Butter and baking is a different story, but I reach for olive oil when cooking.)  My comfort food is bread and olive oil, hands down.
  • Spanish bullets.  Or chickpeas.  My great grandpa, Papa, used to call chickpeas spanish bullets, so I like to call them that too.  They are my favorite bean of all the beans and they are what I reach for most frequently.  They taste the creamiest to me and they are the only bean I have never gotten sick of.  When I studied abroad in New Zealand, I are so many kidney beans that it was months  I put them in salad, I make hummus out of them, put them in pasta sauce.  I. Love. Spanish Bullets.

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