Today I figured out the hard way that yes, yeast is in fact alive.  A living organism that likes to expand once it has been activated.  I thought I was being so cool making sourdough starter today, so that I could make bread on Monday.  I combined:

1 package of yeast with 2 cups warm water & two cups all purpose flour.  (From The Joy of Cooking, pretty much the greatest cookbook EVER.)

Folks, yeast EXPANDS, like nobody’s business.  When the Joy of Cooking recommended a large vessel to put this in, they were. not. kidding.  I put this in a jar, set on the top of my fridge to ferment and off to work I went.

This is what I came home to:

I had move my refrigerator out from the wall to clean up the yeast that gathered underneath the fridge.  There was puddle of yeast and flour the size of a dinner plate underneath it.  Just what I wanted after 9 hours of work!  ha ha

It took me a good 40 minutes to clean up the kitchen.  And now the sourdough starter is safely encased in a plastic bag.

I’m still making bread on Monday; there’s a ton of starter still left if you can believe it!

Happy eating! (or cleaning, in my case.)


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