Forgotten Eggs…




A key ingredient in cookies.  I think you can pretty well guess when the last time I made cookies was.  (I don’t even remember actually. ha)  I thought I bought everything at the store I needed.  Should have picked up a package of chocolate chips to look at general ingredients.

However, I am making oatmeal raisin cookies tonight, on a whim.  Whim might have been my first mistake.  Reasons for making cookies:

1. They are my favorite cookies, hands down. (Also Taste Tester 2’s fav!)  Excluding holiday cookies that my mom makes (hello walnut roll ups!), I always choose oatmeal raisin cookies.  Don’t you dare put chocolate chips in them!  Raisins, period.  I am a purist.

2. This batch from The Joy of Cooking says it makes 48 three inch cookies.  There is no way that I could eat all of these, but I am going to a super bowl party tomorrow.   I’m sure a bunch of hungry, drunk, and excited football fans can help me finish these.

3. It snowed again in Boulder and snow is the opportune time to bake.  Who doesn’t want to fall asleep with the smell of cookies still in the air?

4. Do I really need a reason to bake them, other than I want to?

I still have no eggs.  I could go back to the store.  Or I could use flax and make a flax egg.  Or a chia seed egg.  Or I could just put the butter in the fridge and finish them tomorrow.  I really want a cookie.  Now.



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