A weekend…sort of

Things that were good about this weekend:

1. I ran 9 miles with Alli!  Whoo!

2. I got to play with the cutest girl in the whole world at volunteering.

3. I got to see my sister, who I don’t usually see during the week.

4. It was 65 degrees in Boulder today!

5. I’m in the process of making bread pudding.

Things that were not good about this weekend:

1. I ran 9 miles with Alli, the wind was blowing in our faces for part of it and then we had to slog through mushy snow during mile 6.  Not really what I had in mind.

2.  Someone really hates me.  Not only did I have severe gastrointestinal distress most of the day after running and today, but I got a visit from a friend that all you ladies know about.  I ate the most boring food in the world today, because my stomach was so upset, I nearly hurled at work and had cramps.  Guess who slept after work instead of enjoying the sunshine?

3. I still managed to make some bread pudding.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to eat any today, but it sure smells good.  Also, both of my camera’s batteries died…what the heck?  So, I couldn’t take any pictures of the bread pudding process.  It’s really easy though!

On a more positive note, I am starting to feel better and ate some less boring food without my stomach threatening to empty its contents.  Somebody at work made some suggestions about what I should take and one person even bought me some peppermint tea to ease my stomach.  He even made me the cup!  How sweet!

Stay tuned for bread pudding later!  This might be dessert for tomorrow’s dinner.

Happy eating!


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