Bacon Saturated Air

For the second time, my apartment is filling with smoky bacon fumes.  I am currently cleaning my oven, and it looks like there’s a forrest fire in my living room.  I can’t bake anything else unless I clean it though!  Last night, I tried to warm up bread pudding in the oven for us, and it started smoking again, because there was so much bacon grease coating the bottom of my oven.

Photo shoot of dinner last night:

Is there really a good way to photograph raw chicken?  Probably not.  Can I just mention that I absolutely HATE raw chicken?  I hate dealing with it, I hate touching it, I hate everything about raw chicken.  Yet, I love eating it.  Cooked chicken that is.

You have no idea how many times I washed my hands last night.

Trying to blow smoke out of the kitchen…

My entire oven door was covered with bacon grease.

Ah yes.  This was certainly worth the smoke.  Chicken breasts stuffed with herbed goat cheese and wrapped with apple wood smoke, thick cut bacon.  It’s hard to believe I cooked this.  Usually I eat like a rabbit…

Paired with salad that had avocado, cranberries and toasted walnuts.  And this:

TT2 remembered that I’ve been wanting try Argentinean wine! 🙂  Really tastey!  Wish my stomach would have cooperated a bit more, because I could have enjoyed it more.


For TT2.  Had no idea he liked whiskey so much!

A very delicious evening.  We finished with bread pudding, which was AMAZING!

I will post the recipe when I figure out how to NOT burn the bacon.  ha

Happy eating!  It’s 65 degrees in Boulder today, whoo hoo!



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