A plague on both your houses

I don’t exactly have two houses, but I feel as though I have the plague.

It’s a cruel joke to be sick two weekends in a row.  I blame my sister.

I think I am most homesick when I am sick, because I always want my mom to be around.  Mothers have a way of making everything better, with the things they feed you, taking your temperature and giving you red Gadorade.  My mom always gave us the red fruit punch Gadorade when we were sick.  And soup.  I remember eating a lot of soup and saltine crackers.  Oh saltines!  They were so good, the way they dissolved into your soup and how they have that sprinkle of salt on top.  They were (and still are) an excellent cheese and cracker cracker.  I can’t remember the last time I ate a saltine though.  Probably my first or second year of college, when cheese and crackers at 2 in the morning were always a good idea.

Any who, I’m roasting vegetables right now because they sounded good and they require very little effort.  I haven’t been able to stand for long periods of time and have been sleeping for most of the day.  At least my appetite isn’t gone.  There is nothing worse than a sickness where your stomach won’t tolerate food.  And my nose isn’t running either.  I hate sleeping with a runny nose.  There is some silver lining to this weekend.

I need an excellent cough remedy.  And some Sprite.  I’d really like some Sprite.  I wish there was a place that delivered drinks to you. Here’s hoping I’ll feel better in the morning.

Happy eating!


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