Who I’d most like to cook with.

I saw this on Evan’s page yesterday and thought this would be a fun thing to do!  Everybody has dreams of cooking for someone, right?

1. Guy Fieri.

Why: I love Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives!  He features people who are doing something original in their restaurants and folks who are ordinary, just trying to get through life like the rest of us.  It’s great to see a show featuring local restaurants and what they’re serving!  Plus, Guy really enjoys his food.  He does this thing where he bites, and then bites again, making it a HUGE double bite.  And then he usually follows that with some crazy way of saying “This is great!”

What we’d make: I’d make my mom’s chicken and artichoke spinach pasta dish.  It’s hearty, filling and it’s something that was a family favorite in my house growing up.  I think he’d like it that my family ate it together.  And it’s kind of like diner fare, so it would fit right in on DDD.

2. Ryan Hall.

Why: Ryan Hall is from Big Bear, the tiny town I grew up in!  Practically no one has heard of it, but I really like telling people that an Olympic athlete is from my town.  Ryan is a phenomenal runner and makes me feel proud to be from Big Bear.  It was very exciting to watch him on the t.v. screen in Beijing.

What we’d eat: Spaghetti and meatballs. He’d probably have a race the next day, so he’d need to carbo load!  I make a mean sauce, with lots of different ingredients in it.  I don’t think I’d ask him to go for a run with me though.  It took me almost three times as long to run a marathon as it did him!  ha ha

3. Garrison Keillor.

Why: I started listening to Garrison Keillor’s stories about Lake Wobegon when I was in elementary school and am still listening to him in my adult life.  I used to fall asleep every night to his stories in high school and every weekend, I nerdily look forward to when “A Prairie Home Companion” starts on NPR.  Garrison Keillor’s voice is synonymous to comfort food for me.

What we’d make: Comfort food from the Midwest!  I’d bring out my dad’s roots and I’d make meat loaf and mashed potatoes.  No healthy stuff in this meal; just a good square meal.  I’d let him be special and take the last bite of apple pie I’d make too.


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