Back To School!

Guess where I might be going to school in September?


I am applying for the Garnish Your Degree Program, which I initially read about on Emily’s blog.  It sounded like a perfect fit for me!

Look how pretty campus is!  And it’s tiny too, in comparison to my old school!  1500 students versus 30,000.

I’m working on my application and gathering the necessary paperwork this week.  Highlights so far include:

  • Finding my 2009 W2, which I thought I lost.
  • Discovering how little money I had, which might be a good thing in this case.
  • The government charges you for any and all things it can.  Sigh…
  • Transcripts.  Never thought I would have needed high school transcripts again, but I guess I am applying to college.

It felt good to be on a school campus again.  I miss school, something I think a lot people don’t understand.

So, that’s my exciting news!  I also went to Leaf on Saturday night and it was so delicious!  My friend Kalene has raved about it to me for several months and I finally went!

Appetizer: Buffalo seitan with blue cheese.  I really enjoyed this take on wings, and I also made an important discovery.  I think I like wing sauce better than the actual chicken wing.  I loved buffalo sauce on these and the seitan much more than chicken, which lead me to my conclusion about sauce.


Raw ravioli for Liz:

Pretty, huh?

Fried polenta for Ellen:

Butternut Squash Ravioli for Kyrstie:

Sorry, this one’s dark.  And my camera battery was dying!

And I had this bad boy:

Breaded seitan flat bread with fontina cheese and roasted poblano peppers. A good and a bad choice by me.  Good because it was an absolutely delicious pizza.  Those peppers were great!  Bad, because my intestines hated me later.

This was worth the money that I spent on dinner.  It was fabulous food with great service.  It’s definitely a good special occasion restaurant.

Look out for a yummy green bean recipe tomorrow!

Happy eating and good night!


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