Good morning!  I just ate cookies for breakfast.

Everyone I know might die of shock because this is highly unlike me.  But, in my defense, the title says “Breakfast Cookie” in it.  I was having some serious cookie cravings last night (ladies, I think you know why…) and then remembered that I had all the ingredients for Banana Breakfast Cookies. I first saw this recipe on Angela’s Vegan Recipe Link Love and when I went over to The Baking Stone and read the recipe, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I had all the ingredients I needed!  This keeps happening to me…maybe I am becoming a baker finally?

Head on over to The Baking Stone and check out the recipe.  And then make them, immediately!  They were just what I wanted, a soft, dense and sweet cookies.  Two wonderful things about this recipe are that it doesn’t make a million cookies, so I don’t have to give them away to prevent myself from eating them all.  Also, these are vegan, so that means you can eat the batter!

For the record, I always ate cookie dough, whether or not it had eggs in it.

Seriously, go check out Kristina’s blog and make these cookies.

In other news, I wish I was still here:

Vacation is nice.  I wish I could be on vacation all the time.

But, then how would I make any money to buy new kitchen appliances? 🙂

Happy eating!  I’m off to volunteering!


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