Barnyard Sandwich and runner’s blues.

Who eats this?  I’ll tell you who, my crazy significant other, that’s who.  Taste Tester though this would be a great idea to make late on Saturday night.  Yes, I realize we were low on food.  Yes, I realize that all of these ingredients are good on their own, but not together.  This is such a gross sandwich that it’s worth writing about and sharing it with everyone.

Check it out, three different kinds of animal, all in one sandwich:

Blue Moose Smoked Gouda Cheese Spread.  I love you Blue Moose, don’t get me wrong.  Just not in this application.

Cyress Grove Chevre, Purple Haze.  This is quite possible one of the best goat cheeses I have ever tasted.  Period.

Salami.  Who doesn’t love cured meat?  I am bordering on obsession with salami and how much I love it.  We had the BEST cure meat plates on vacation, now all I want to do is eat salted, thinly sliced meat.  It’s becoming a problem.

Take all three of these ingredients and spread it on some cinnamon raisin bread.  I nearly gagged when he pulled out the raisin bread.  Really?  There was normal, typical type sandwich bread in the fridge.  We weren’t that low on groceries.

I don’t know what’s worse, that Taste Tester actually made this, or that I recreated it so that I could blog about it.  Yes, I actually remade this so I could take pictures of it.  Taste Tester informed me that he would eat it if I made another.  Bleh, gross!  He “forgot” to take it with him to work for lunch today.  He said the sandwich wasn’t bad, until you ran into a raisin.  I think he put it on raisin bread just to gross me out and my overreaction to how gross it was made him want to do it more.

In other news, I submitted my reservation fee to Johnson and Wales!  So, I’m officially going!  Bring on the debt, student loans.  It will all be worth it; I would have been really mad at myself for not going.  I can’t change my life if I just sit around, right?  Action, people, action!  That’s how things get done!

I may or may not be a little delirious from my long run today.  16 miles baby!  Not the world’s greatest run, but they can’t all be good.  My arms chaffed, right at the top of my armpit, so that fun.  The only time it snowed today, (Yes it just snowed in May) was in the last ten minutes of my run.  Thanks, bipolar Boulder weather.  The last ten minutes was also when my body just completely gave out.  My feet were aching and my left knee hurt so much I had to stop running.  I made it home, shivering and limping, but I did it.  Three hours of running; 16 miles.

I guess only the last ten minutes were bad.  The rest of it was great!  Duluth, I’m going to paint you red during Grandma’s Marathon!

Happy eating! (and running!)


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