You know you’re a distance runner when…

1. You realize that you probably afford Body Glide after all.  Chaffing while on a 2+ hour run is pretty terrible.


Oddly, I chaf on the upper part of my armpit, right where a sleeve would hit.  Last Monday I was wearing no sleeves and I chaffed.  Time to man up a buy some body glide.

2. Someone askes you, “How far did you go today?” and you respond, “Oh only 7 miles today.”  Only 7?  That’s pretty warped thinking, but when you’re running upwards of 15 miles, 7 really doesn’t seem that far.  Distance really is all relative.

3. You have a perpetual spandex short tan on your thighs.  I started working on mine about 4 weeks ago, just in time for the warm weather to expose the terrible line.

This picture doesn’t do justice to the vast contrast between pasty and tan that is on my legs.  I’m going to apply self tanner to only the top of my legs.

4.  You do laundry and an entire load is running clothes.  This is normal right?  An entire load of stinky athletic clothes?  Sometimes I think I have more running outfits than normal clothes outfits.

5.  Your feet aren’t pretty.  And you really don’t care.  Bunions, calluses, blisters, you name it, I’ve got it.

Hey hammer toe!

Note the protruding bone on the right side. Bet you wish you had a bunion!

6.  Why are you so tired ALL THE TIME?  Oh wait, you ran for three hours on Monday.  And then ran again on Thursday.  And Saturday.  That couldn’t possibly be why…

7. All you can think about is FOOD, FOOD and MORE FOOD!  I ate dinner about 2 hours ago.  And dessert.  I may have a snack.  Or second dinner.  Loaves of bread consume my thoughts!

This is the best bread.  Ever.  If you haven’t tried sprouted bread, do yourself a favor and get a loaf immediately.

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Alli, who let me convince her to run a marathon.  She’s the best pal a gal could ask for.

This is also dedicated to the 16 mile run I did yesterday.  Only 10.2 more miles to go, right?

Happy eating and running!


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