Last Week.

It’s about time, bipolar Boulder weather.  I was beginning to wonder if the weather in Seattle and here had switched.

Fair Today Tonight Tomorrow
Mostly Sunny Partly Cloudy Mostly Sunny
Fair Mostly Sunny Partly Cloudy Mostly Sunny
64°F 78° 53° 87°
From ENE at 3mph
ESE at 13 mph
SSW at 11 mph
W at 9 mph

This does make my apartment hotter than hell.  I’m not kidding, I probably turned on my heat maybe a total of 10 times this whole winter.  Right now it’s 80 degrees in here, and only 65 outside.  Good thing I have AC!

I saw Nicole do a run down of her week in a post and since I haven’t written in a while, I thought I’d do the same!

Saturday:  Mom and Aunt Wendy came in to run the Bolder Boulder with my sister and I!  Pretty much the best race ever.   If you ever get the opportunity to run this race, jump on it!  We went to happy hour at The Med.  I could eat tapas style every night and be happy.  The bruschetta is out of this world!  And the sangria?  Nothing better than that on a hot summer day!

Sunday:  Went to Creek Fest with the fam.  Tried a deep fried snickers.  It was an experience, one that everyone should have.  If you like warm, gooey chocolate (not me, but everyone else in the world does!), this is for you!

Heart-buster special

Bought these bad boys as well.  I am officially a true Boulderite now.

Vibrams! At last I can try barefoot running without worrying about slicing my foot open!

Ate dinner at Pasta Jays and stuffed my face with delicious pasta.

Best sauce in the world? I think yes. Cardboard would be good with this sauce all over it!

Yummy drink special at Pasta Jays. Tequila, agave, lime and a whole slew of sugary things!

Monday:  Ran the Bolder Boulder!  (1:04)  Went to Southern Sun and drank a Bloody Mary at noon.  Took Mom and Aunt Wendy back to the airport. 😦

Tuesday – Friday: Work.  Yoga.  Work.

And this brings us to the weekend!  Four whole days off!

In other news, I’m growing things!  Look at my basil!  Indie has taken a liking to my wheat grass.  She’s been eating it every morning.

What? I'm not eating your grass.

I also tried my kombucha.  It’s way stronger than the store bought kind, but it’s tasty!

Happy eating!  I’m going to play by the pool!


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