Decadent Brownies

I have got to figure out a way to cool down my apartment for summer baking.

Hell? Nope! Just my apartment with the oven on.

I realize that 80 degrees doesn’t seem like it would be that hot, but my apartment faces south and it just roasts in the sun all day.  It feels like it’s 100 degree in here.  Even during the winter, my apartment hovers around 70 degrees.  I guess I shouldn’t complain.  My apartment could be too cold in the winter.

Any who, I was watching the Food Network yesterday (because I can do that now!)  and saw this brownie recipe that turns out I had all the ingredients for.  Sweet!  I decided to give em a whirl.

Pretty rustic looking, but they tasted pretty good! I bet they would taste really, really good if you're a chocolate lover.


I’m not the hugest chocolate desert fan, as we all know.  Give me apple pie or a lemon curd cupcake (Hello Med!)  and I’ll be a happy camper.  I made these because I felt like baking.  I haven’t been cooking much lately and I just needed to make something to remind myself how much I enjoy it.  The people at work reaped the benefits of my hard work.

I will say that these brownies are among the better ones I have eaten.  If you like rich, fudge-y, and decadent  brownies, then you will certainly enjoy these.  They aren’t super tall like tradidtional brownies.  They have no leavening agent in them (baking soda or powder) so they don’t rise.  The folks at work who inhaled the brownies said they were good!  Yes!



I have such a rough life: Sleeping. Observing cooking. Sleeping. Eating. Sleeping. And, oh! Sleeping!



At least I have company while I cooking in my inferno of an apartment!




Happy eating!


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