How To Light a Charcoal Barbecue

It’s grilling season, isn’t it? 🙂


That would be chicken, tofu, corn and zucchini. Still trying to perfect grilled corn.



When I lived off campus in my second year of college, I had access to a charcoal barbecue, but had no idea how to use it.  I tried over and over again to light those dang coals and could never get it.  Luckily, I have a dad who loves to use charcoal to barbecue.  Here’s Dad’s recipe for getting your coals prepped and ready for a barbecue feast!



  • 1 barbecue (obviously!)
  • about half a bag of charcoal bricks, or enough to cover the bottom but not touch the grill on top.  You want a pretty good amount so the heat will last the whole time your grilling.
  • lighter fluid
  • 1 beer, still in your fridge
  • grilling ingredients of your choice-I really like red onions, corn, tofu and fruit!!!
  • Pour bricks into barbecue and arrange in a slight pyramid.
  • Pour lighter fluid over bricks.
  • Go inside, get your beer, take a swing, and walk back outside.
  • Light your coals and wait until they become mostly white instead of black.  Then they’ll be hot enough to grill your food!

Cheaters. This is a gas grill, but I still didn't know how to work this one either.



There you have it!   A perfect recipe for outdoor grilling this summer.  You can thank me later for the advice.  The secret is really going inside to get your beer because you need to let the lighter fluid soak into the bricks before you can light them.  Isn’t a beer (or some other adult beverage) an essential part to barbecuing?  It is for me!



Unsuccessful picture of me and bbqed food. But, I do have my fun, new hat on!



Happy grilling and eating!



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