Sarah’s Eats, Day 2


Bagel with hummus & goat brie cheese.  Have you tried goat brie?  It’s amazing!

No nut butter, I freaked out a little bit this morning!

A peach and some yerba mate tea.  Guayaki yerba mate is the best!

Shriveled peach...I have minimal food in my house.

Come to me, caffeine!

Went to yoga, came back and made this smoothie for lunch:

Blueberries, frozen banana, frozen kale, hemp seeds, & almond milk.

Here’s where things went awry…I forgot to take my camera to work, so I have no pictures for the rest of my eats for the day.  But, here’s the run down.

Small salad around 3.  A handful of spinach, a sprinkle of feta cheese, some kidney beans and some balsamic dressing.  Oh!  And a tiny baby corn!  I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted.

Dinner: Another kind of salad from work that had rice noodles, romaine lettuce, tofu and two egg rolls.  It was ok, but completely lacking in fat.  It left me very unsatisfied.  Which is why I ate again around 7:30.  3 fig newton-ish things with a packet of Justin’s nut butter.  Original peanut butter, to be exact.  That filled me up for a long time.


What would I do without you, nut butter?



Rough Calorie Break Down:

  • breakfast = 510
  • lunch = 330
  • snack = 150 ish
  • dinner = 200 – 300 (how many calories are in an small egg roll?)
  • snack 2 = 460
My second snack was almost as big and breakfast!  Dinner was too light and I didn’t plan ahead to bring better snacks with me.  A weird day, but I came in around 1750 calories total.  This could change, as I might eat a snack before bed.  Also, I did 60 minutes of yoga today.
So, there’s day 2 of eats!  I am going on vacation tomorrow and will pause in the food tracking posts because I’ll be eating things out of my normal range.
Beer brats?  Yes, please!
Happy eating!

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