Sarah’s Eats, Day 3

Today was a travel day, back from Rhinlander, WI.  Let me show you where Rhindlander is, because it’s one of my favorite places on earth!

Way at the tippy top of Wisconsin

I think it’s one of the best places on earth simply because my family reunion is always there, hence lots of my favorite people all in one place.

Any who, I thought it would be interesting to share some travel/I-got-up-at-4:30am eats.

Breakfast:  Einstein’s bagel breakfast sandwich.  Mushroom, swiss and spinach.  It was all right.  I could have made a better sandwich at home, but airport food is always sort of hit or miss.  They’re site says this bad boy is 560 calories, which isn’t too far off my normal breakfast.  I wanted to add hot sauce to this so badly.  I can’t have eggs without hot sauce.

I’m still a newbie at the whole let’s take pictures of our food game, so bear with me while I figure this out.  Lunch was a sandwich with 1 slice of bread, 6 pieces of salami, 1 slice of smoked gouda cheese and mustard, roughly 280 calories.  And two pickles.  I could eat a whole jar of pickles in one sitting.  Also, I ate a handful of pistachios.  This was probably about 160 calories, bringing us to a total of 440 for lunch.

I went to the store (After learning how to change a flat tire.  Really, the car gods are not with me lately.) and bought a ton of vegetables.  I really needed something green.  Dinner consisted of an Amy & Brian’s Coconut water, with pulp, (152 cal.) and mess of steamed collards, kale and broccoli ( 0! ) a serving a quinoa (110 cal) with a Tastey Bite Madras Lentils package over the top.  (300 calories)  Including coconut water, dinner was 562 calories.



I am in love with Amy & Brian's. I wish I could drink one every day.



I also ate some Cabot Cheese, probably another 100 calories worth.  Grand total for my day was 1662 calories.  Odd, I ate less calories today than I did the last two days I tracked.  I was sure I ate more today and felt really out of tune with my eating habits.  I was super, super tired though, so that’s probably why.    Any who, that’s it.  Stay tuned for tomorrow!


P.S.  Who knows what this is?  (Hint, it’s found in Rhinelander!)




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