Sarah’s Eats, Day 5

Hey everyone!  It took me a minute to post this, but here we are, on Day 5 of my daily eating adventure!  (These were eats from Friday.)  This is very informative for me, but we’ll get back to cooking soon.  I promise!

Breakfast:  A green smoothie!


Eating my greens in the morning.


In the mix:

1 cup almond milk

1/2 cup greek yogurt

1/3 cup rolled oats

3 frozen peaches & half a frozen banana

1 tbls flax

1 cup frozen kale

Total calories came in around 351.

I’m glad I remembered to buy frozen kale.  I’m not a huge fan of frozen vegetables, but I do buy frozen greens for smoothies.  It feels really good to start the day with something cold, especially when Boulder temperatures are soaring above 95 these days.  Whew, talk about hot!


B Vitamin!


I brought some tiny Lara bars with me to work and ate one around 8:15.  Not enough fat in the smoothie this morning I think.  It’s 90 calories for the apple pie flavor.  Nice and cinnomon-y!  90 calories.


Sandwich ingredients trying to escape from my bread!


Lunch 1 (at work) was really, really, tasty!!!  I bought some spicy vegetable tempeh at the store a few days ago and made sandwich with it!  I was really pleasantly surprised because the tempeh was great!  (Usually, I’m not a fan of tempeh.)  It was spicy and held up nicely on a sandwich.  Tofu always falls apart on me in a sandwich.  Also ate a banana.  430 calories.

Snack 2:  I ate a nectarine and another tiny apple pie Lara Bar.  This was about 140 calories.  160 calories.

Sort of snack 3:  I ate a plum when I got home to hold me off until dinner.  We’re moving Taste Tester into my apartment and it’s been pretty overwhelming.  Cramming 2 people into a 500 square foot apartment is no easy feat!  50 calories.

Dinner was a cheese enchilada plate at Efrains, the best mexican food in Boulder!  1 small enchilada with beans and rice.  It hit the spot and my estimate of calories for this is about 450.


Daily total was around 1531.  I’m a little scatter brained from moving, and might have missed some stuff, but the total is pretty close to that!


I am beat from moving yesterday.  Living together will be really fun, but getting there is the hard part.  It seems like we’ll never fit all of our stuff into this tiny space.  It’s worth it though.  I can’t wait to start our lives together and share a home together, no matter how small it is!



Happy eating!


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