Weekend Cooking.

On Saturday I cooked my heart out.  Well, sort of.  Emily’s hummus isn’t cooked, (except for the chickpeas) but it was none the less super delicious!  I’ve been taking it to work with me to snack on and spreading it on sandwiches.


I also made Ashley’s Mini Choco-Cinnamon Buns which looked completely awesome in her photos and mine turned out looking like a huge, melty pile of sugar, cinnamon and Earth Balance.  No complaints here though, the boyfriend had no problem finishing them off late on Monday night.


Finally, I made Alton Brown’s stove top mac ‘n’ cheese.  Despite not having any condensed milk and two ounces less cheese, it turned out pretty all right.  The boyfriend also demolished this.  Half of it at least, we forgot to put the other half in the fridge.


Why all this cooking and no pictures you ask?  I was determined to cook all these things, and was so immersed in the process that I didn’t grab my camera.  You see, the boyfriend brought home cinnamon rolls in a can and boxed mac ‘n’ cheese and was excited about them.  I, on the other hand, was offended.  “I can make you better mac ‘n’ cheese than this shit!  And it would be better for you too!”  I’m on a never ending quest to help him eat better.

“But, you never do…you never do.”


Motivation to make homemade mac ‘n’ cheese?  Yes, yes indeed.  Also, cinnamon rolls couldn’t be that hard, right?    Hence, these two recipes that I found.  Neither are the traditional versions of these dishes, but they certainly took a lot less time.  I was pretty offended that he brought these home when I could feasibly make both of them.  The boyfriend is all about quick, easy and convenient and I’m all about home made, put your time in, dishes.  Oh well.  Can’t fault him too much, especially since he’s eat dinner around 11 pm these days.  Here’s to more cooking this week!


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