(Never home) Maker No Knead Bread

Fact.  Home made bread is amazing.  But who has time to make bread to eat every day?  I sure don’t.  That thing call full time work that really puts a damper on my from scratch abilities in the kitchen.  But then I found this bread recipe and on Thursday and Friday, I had a baking adventure.

I call this "bread on rocks outside my apartment."

I’ve had a bread making adventure on this blog before, but this recipe was a NO KNEAD bread recipe.  What?  Yeah, I was intrigued by Ashley’s recipe too.  So, on Thursday night, I decided to dive into the world of no knead bread.  I had to work a long shift at work on Friday, so waiting would be no big deal.  I mean, you have to let the dough sit for almost a whole day!  That’s some serious patience for some home made bread.


I didn’t change a thing in Ashley’s recipe and baked it off on Friday night.  Oh. My.   I truly believe that there are few things better than the smell of fresh bread baking.  There’s one advantage to a small apartment-every nook and cranny of it smelled like warm, doughy yeasty bread.  If comfort had a smell, it would be baking bread.  (Or lavender, but that might weird for anyone that’s no me.  Heh.)


The bread was denser than the other breads I’ve made, but it was still amazing!   The crust was crispy, achieved from cooking it in the Le Creuset, and had the faintest hint of salt lingers on your tongue after eating.  What’s bread without jam?  The boyfriend made a special trip to the store to get jam that had “no artificial preservatives, no yellow or red # 5 and no high fructose corn syrup.”


Excellent choice.


As per requested, no weirdo ingredients. I'm trying to live a long life here, people!


Jam + Bread at almost 11 o’clock.  Yes, I think that’s pretty grand.  Especially sitting next to your sweet boyfriend and a grumpy cat all in the tiny apartment that you share.


Smothered with jam, yes please.


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