Heart and Sole 10k

Today, I ran the Heart and Sole 10k, the furthest distance that I’ve ran since Grandma’s Marathon.  This was an important race for me, not because I was trying to get a person best time, or because I had trained really hard for it or because I trying to win.  (ha ha)  I was running this race simply to run and prove to myself that I could run again.

When my knee completely blew out and my illotial band was screaming in agony during Grandma’s, I had some serious doubts about myself as a runner.  What if I just wasn’t meant to do distance races?  Would I ever complete a race injury free?  (I ran through severe knee pain in my first marathon too.)  Running is a part of my identity; it’s who I am.  I started running all on my own, first to get more Weight Watchers points so I could eat more, but slowly it became something I did because I loved it.  I watched myself change, my legs get more muscles, my metabolism shoot up and my confidence in myself grow.

I still remember the first time I ran for over an hour.  I felt so good, I decided to extend my run a little bit.  And it turned into my very first “distance run.”  I was cruising down my street, flying in my mind, and high on the endorphines from running.  I wasn’t winded.  My legs felt great.  I was at peace.  I ran by one of my room mates on the way up to our house and I shouted, “I just ran for 77 minutes!!!”  I was beyond thrilled with myself.

Running’s been pretty good to me, beside the lingering knee injuries that keep plaguing me.  I keep going back for more.  And more.  And more.  5k.  10k.  Half marathon.  Full marathon.  Finishing the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon is one of the proudest achievements of my life.  I have to run, you see.  Running keeps me sane, or at least saner than I would be.  It makes me a happier person and helps me keep my emotions in check.  I’ve pushed my body to the limit running and it felt good.  Even when I limped for a week straight after Grandma’s Marathon.  It was still worth it.

So, here I am.  Running a 10k this morning to prove to myself that I am still a runner.

Happy girl!

I am an athlete.  I am strong-these legs can run 26.2 miles.  I am confident and walk with my head up.  I am beautiful.   I am a runner.

And I will keep running, “…even if my knee cap splits in half and I have to crawl across the finish line, I will finish this race!”  (Direct quote from me during Grandma’s.)


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