Skills of Meatcutting: First culinary class!

Hey all!  Remember back when I used to blog on a somewhat regular basis?  That was back before I started culinary school 2 weeks ago!  Last time I wrote, I was nervous as anyone could ever be to start school.  I nearly threw up from anxiousness last Monday and when the boyfriend called me to make sure I was all right, I started crying.  Me emotional?  Never.

Any who, I shouldn’t have worried so much about school because it’s so wonderful!  This is definately the happiest I have been in a long time and know I’m going to school to learn about food every day makes getting up at four in the morning a little easier.  That and coffee and I have become BFFs.  Let me show you a little of what I’ve been doing with myself for the past 2 weeks.  Be warned:  there are many pictures of dead animals coming up… I mean we are in meatcutting.

Beef round (leg). I was very interested

Bacon anyone?

Bacon anyone?

Never thought I'd be excited about veal fat

Breaking up fat chunks in our sausage.

Making Bavarian Bratwurst! I loved making sausage! It was damn tasty too!

More recap to come later!  I just wanted to give you two weeks of pictures to show what I’ve been doing!


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