Goals for my 25th year.

This Sunday I turn 25!  I’m a quarter of a century old!  For some reason, perhaps because I started culinary school in a effort to change my job, I have had life goals on the brain.  I am not one to set New Years Resolutions, or really any other goal for that matter.  I usually think to myself something along the lines of “I really like to start lifting weights regularly” and go for a few lifting sessions and then slowly start to do less and less lifting until eventually I stop.


This year is different though.  I made a big decision this year to go back to school for the thing I love doing most in the world-cooking.  Duh, I mean this is Sarah’s Cooking.  It was a decision that I just made, no over thinking or over analyzing.  I researched Johnson and Wales, took a campus tour, applied, talked with the parents, had much encouragement from the boyfriend and now here I am.  My goal of changing my profession is on its way.  If I can make this happen, then I can certainly make other aspects of my life change as well.  This is sort of a big birthday for me, why not honor it with some awesome life goals?  Here’s a brief list of what I’ve been thinking about:



  • Attend and graduate culinary school.
  • Find a job that utilizes my new culinary degree.
  • Heal the tendonitis in my right wrist.
  • Lift weights 2 -3 times per week.
  • Practice yoga once a week.
  • Run a third marathon-injury free!
  • Reduce the amount of self created stress in my life.
  • Start a meditation practice to help reduce stress and problem solve.
The next step is coming up with a plan of action!  Stay tuned for a second post for my plan of action on how to achieve these.  I might try and do 25 goals for my 25th year, but that might be too much commitment for me!  We’re in Steamboat Springs this weekend and it’s absolutely gorgeous here!
What are your current goals?  What helped you achieve them?
Happy eating!

7 thoughts on “Goals for my 25th year.

  1. I too have tendinitis in my right wrist; it makes me very afraid of taking a dining room class that involves hefting around those big trays over my head. If you make any progress with relieving that issue, let me know.

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