Cluck, cluck, last day of Meatcutting

Today was my last day of class in Meatcutting!  It’s so strange to be starting another class after only nine days of Meatcutting.  I really, really loved my chef for this class, but I am pretty excited to not be a 50 degree cooler, with my hands in freezing cold meat.  What?  I didn’t tell you that Meatcutting class is in a giant refrigerator?  Yeah.


How does a culinary final work, you might ask?  Let me give you a run down.  It’s almost nothing like the finals I had in college.  I was never in a pressed uniform during a final, nor did I have a sharp knife in my hand, ready to fabricate any chicken that came my way.  Note that these pictures were taken last Thursday, when I was practicing breaking down a chicken.



1. Make sure your knife is sharp.  There’s nothing worse, or more dangerous than a dull knife.  I have my dad to thank for turning me into a sharp knife fiend.

A sharp knife is your best friend.


Take out that wishbone, yo


2.  Make sure you get rid of the wishbone.  How else are you going to make a wish?




3.  Separate the legs from the rest of the chicken.


Save the oyster!!


4.  Oyster, oyster, oyster.  Better make sure you save that or that’s minus points for you!


I love chicken!


5.  Have a little fun.  But, don’t forget about the 25 minute time limit that Chef gave you.  25 minutes.



I dominated each of those chickens in 20 minutes flat.  40 minutes may seem like a long time to fabricate two chickens, but for me, who had never taken apart a whole chicken until three weeks ago, it was pretty great to me.  I left feeling pretty proud of myself.  One of the more “fun” tests I have taken!



What’s not fun is getting food poisoning from your birthday dinner.  Diner’s, Drive Ins and Dives is my BFF right now, along with the couch.  Happy eating!






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