Lamb Cook Off.

This weekend while we were in Steamboat Springs, the boyfriend and I participated in a fun event at Octoberwest, a lamb tasting!  West wasn’t a typo, fun name huh?  We drank beer, basked in the autumn mountain sun and tried these dishes!  Each restaurant was given three lamb legs to cook in any way they chose.


Lamb slider with curry sauce.



Lamb slider #2. I liked the bun better on this one.



Lamb steak atop a mango cake.



Lamb dolmas!



We also tried some lamb sausage, a piece of lamb steak breaded and wrapped around prosciutto and cheese, and a Guinness stew with sweet potato mash underneath it.  Quite the delectable spread!  We forgot to vote because we were too busy relaxing and drinking beer, but the sausage and the breaded lamb were our favorites!


Also, this agave wheat beer was pretty interesting:


Hello, lovely



Quite the relaxing weekend!  Hope yours was too, happy eating!!


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