The Swing of Things.



I think I am finally getting into the swing of things with school, running, life and work.  I was very concerned when I started school that I would have no time to do the activities I love, mainly running and seeing my lovely friends.  The boyfriend and I frequently have opposite schedules, which makes time for us limited too. But, I think everything is coming together in the fourth week of school.


I'll give you three guesses what this is...



I mean, when you have fresh head cheese to eat, things can’t be that bad.




Yes, it is still hard to get up at 4 am.  I don’t think that’s ever going to get easy.  Just in case you were wondering, there are no coffee shops open in Boulder until 5 am.  Don’t they know about culinary school?!  All I wanted was a latte to power through class.


Yes, I still have a 35-45 minute commute to school.  Yes, much of money goes to gas now, right after rent.  It’s pretty hard to keep awake driving at 5 in the morning.  When it’s not my turn to drive, you can bet I’ll be asleep in the passenger’s seat.


Yes, I still have to work at night after getting up at 4.  We close at 10, I get home at 10:30 and go to sleep almost immediately.  Unless Indie decides it’s going to be  a back and forth I-can’t-decide-if-I-want-to-sit-in-the-window night.  We have plastic blinds that conveniently clack together to make a horrible racket every time the cat jumps up into the window sill.



There’s always things that are hard about life though, right?  If it was super easy than life would be pretty darn boring.  All the wonderful things about school over ride the negatives.  I am surrounded by 17 other people every day that want to learn, talking and think about food, just like me.  I get to concentrate on one thing for six hours, food and it’s preparation.  That’s my dream come true quite honestly.



Dairy free chocolate cup cake experiment, summer 2009


My dad said to me last year after I had spent several minutes talking about rotisserie quail and center cut bacon, “Sarah, you better do something with food because that’s all you talk about.”  I am doing just that.  Every day, I go to a place that encourages me to think, live and breath food.  It doesn’t matter what I learn, cutting up pork, making sausage, sauteing chicken in gallons of butter or stuffing tomatoes, I am in love with food.  I am so happy every day because I feel like I am where I belong.  I have found my purpose in life.



I was meant to be in a kitchen, cooking food.

The gluten free experiment of 2007: Christmas gluten free french toast


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