Here is where one place where I am most happy: Lake Tomahawk, WI


If I am perfectly honest with myself, there are some days where I just don’t feel as happy as I should.  I am a very critical person, mostly to myself.  One of my goals for my 25th year was to reduce the amount of self created stress in my life.  I would say that generally, most of the stress in my life is not from outside sources, but rather something I have built up in my mind and have let run wild.  This year is time for a change, but this will prove to to be my most difficult goal, as I have been a worrier/stressed out/anxious/ most of my life.


I am not entirely sure where this stress stems from, but it is my goal to find out and attack it head on.  One main culprit could be that I am very frightened of failure.  Failure of really everything, being a good daughter, friend, girlfriend, chef, nutritionist.  I guess that boils to down to failure at life.  I want to show something for my life, make a difference in others life and be an irreplaceable part of other’s lives.


To lose the stress is my choice, I choose the path.


I am sure there is more to my problem, and during this year I will try many different ways to get to the root of anxiety and stress.  One way I have decided to start my day on the right foot is to start each day with a positive thought.  My first thought every day is usually something like “I don’t want to get up,” or “It’s so early…” or “What did I get myself into with culinary school, am I cut out for this?”  Today’s positive thought is simple, yet powerful:



This is my "I am alive" face.

I am here, on Earth, a living and breathing human being.  I have life and the ability to enjoy and live it.  I theoretically only get to live once, so it’s incredibly lucky that I am living and alive.  The sun is shining, birds a chirping, I am about to go for a run.  Sounds pretty great to me!

Happy day to you!


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