Positive Thought, Day 6

One day at a time.

Although earlier today, I could not be content what so ever, I finally found some later in the day.  It’s incredibly easy for me to get bogged down with the bigger picture instead of living day to day life.  Sure, my life isn’t exactly the way I’d like it to be at this particular moment, but I’m working on it, one day at a time.  I have wanted a career change for a few years now, and I am finally doing something about it.  I really enjoy writing, so I started this blog.  Things will fall into place, even if slowly.  The rewards and opportunities I am creating for myself will only be sweeter.

Tonight, I bought some beer for my sister and I to taste.  We sat on my couch, ate a yummy piece of cheese and caught up with each other.  It was quite the perfect evening.  Do we really need anything else other than a good drink, tasty food and people who love us?  Well, maybe a little, but not too much more.  I had this evening, with my sister, and I was so happy the last few hours.  I had a perfect morning with the boyfriend, went out for delicious breakfast and then to the gym.  A lovely day today.  A perfect day.


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