Positive Thoughts, Day 7 & 8

Yesterday and today I have been trying to think more about what I HAVE not what I don’t. It’s really easy for me to get bogged down on all the things I wish I had.   So, here’s a list of things that are awesome now, so that when I start thinking too much about all those other things, I can remember this.


1. I have a roof over my head, food in the fridge.  Pretty essential human needs, but there are plenty of people out there who don’t have what I have.  I’m really lucky that when it starts to get cold, I have a warm place to call home.


2. Family, friends and boyfriend.  I have written before about how awesome these people are.  Rock solid and love me through and through.  Enough said.


Mom and Sister


3. I have a job.  It’s not the ideal job for me and it’s pretty mind numbing some times, but at least it’s a pretty decent one.  I work with great people too, so that helps things out a lot.


4. I have Indie, my cute kitty.  Pets make everything better.


Whatcha lookin' at, Indie?


5.  I get outside on a regular basis and live in a beautiful place.  I have so much natural beauty surrounding me, and that always promotes a sense of calm in me.  The smell of pine trees, the autumn wind and the changing leaves remind me to stop and look around once in a while.



6.  I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend culinary school.  Going to school makes me so happy and it’s definitely where I belong.  It’s my purpose in life.


What’s awesome about your life?  What do you do to keep those awesome things in your head, instead of the not-so-awesome?


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