Long Day.



Things that are super awesome today:

  • wine tasting at school!  We tried five different white wines which I usually despise, but I enjoyed these.  Especially the Gewurztraminer.  Yeah, try spelling that on your own.  I had to Google how to spell it.  Gewurtraminer has a spicy, peppery finish, which is something I have never experienced in wine.  Super yum.
  • The boyfriend got up with me at 4 am this morning.  It’s nice to have someone else up that early.  It almost feels like a normal morning. 
  • Some of my favorite coworkers are working tonight, which makes this shift much more bearable.
  • I am eating leftover chili that I made on Monday, which could be one of the best chilies I have ever made.  Look for the recipe tomorrow.  It has bacon in it, so you can only go up from there.  And fire roasted tomatoes.
  • Gummy bears.  I am addicted to chewy, sugary gummy bears.
  • Yerba mate tea.  This, in combination with gummy bears got me going before work today. 

    Life saver.


  • Maybe I should do this before school too…
  • My cat.  She’s cute, soft and runs to the door when I come home.  Happiness.

    Cute kitty!!!


Things not super awesome today:

  • 6 hours school + 8 hours work =14 hour day=delirous Sarah.  Like way delirous.
  • My feet are killing me.  They actually throb when I sit down.  I should invest in some orthotics.  I find myself swaying back and forth, shift my weight from one foot to the next.  That must look awkward.
  • My tendonitis has really been acting up.  Ice and the heating pad are my BFFs.
  • Too many gummy bears and caffiene consumed today.
  • I have to iron my jacket when I get home because we only get one front of the house jacket.  Dumb, dumb idea.
  • Pretty sure I could have done better on my quiz this morning.  Oh well, can’t really do anything that now.

    I wish I was drinking this right now.


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