Bartending 101

Tools of the trade!


12 drinks.

Smokey martini

Side car



Mai Tai

Rusty Nail

Girl Scout Cookie

Bocce Ball


Sea Breeze

Pearl Harbor

Tom Collins

15 minutes.

No help, just your memory.

Ready, set, go!


This was my final exam for beverage service that I just finished up yesterday.  Each drink has at least 2 ingredients and has to be made a specific way.  I had to have 20 recipes memorized.  You can see why I’ve been sort of light on the posting this week!  This was by far my hardest class so far in culinary school and I am proud to say that I totally nailed my final.  I made those drinks with ease and grace andhad fun doing it too!  I can make these 12 drinks in 9:26.  If you would have asked me last week to make 12 drinks in under ten minutes, I would have thought you were out of  your mind!  It’s amazing what one can do under pressure.


Not mine, but this martini is short any ways. Not enough booze in here!



I’ll have a more detailed post about making drinks soon, but I just wanted to show you what I’ve been doing at school!  Cheers!  And happy eating!


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