Saturday Eats

Mozzarella, arugula, basil pesto, balsamic vinaigrette on crusty bread


Sister and I were loitering around the farmer’s market after eating the above sandwich this afternoon and decided that cupcakes were in order.  We trekked over to Tee and Cakes and were rewarded with sugary goodness.  For some reason, I thought that Tee and Cakes, the local cup cake place in Boulder, closed really early.  Turns out they’re open until 6!


A very Autumn-y cupcake


Tee and Cakes is so cute right now!  They’re whole store is decorated with Halloween decorations.  There are jars with colored liquid and various appendages floating in them.  Cobwebs are in every corner and there’s a spooky skeleton in the corner of the bakery.




I got the mini pumpkin cupcake with maple cream cheese frosting.  Sister got the caramel apple cupcake.  My cupcake was fantastic!  Maple cream cheese frosting, yes please!  The tang of the cream cheese paired well with the sugar of the maple.  And the pumpkin cupcake was tender and moist, with pumpkin-y goodness running all through it.  A good decision by me!


Also, check out this list of ingredients in the boyfriend’s ridiculous drink at BJ’s tonight!  Adult rootbeer!


Whoa. Holy root beer!



Another gorgeous Autumn day in Boulder!


South Boulder Rec Center running this morning!

Be well and happy eating!


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