Day off.

Today was a glorious day off.  I spent most of it by myself, which was actually quite enjoyable.  I ran along the Flatirons and took in all the Autumn colors.

Flatirons, how I love this view!

Perfect length of run


It's still 75 during the day here, as evidence by my face. Cool down already, Boulder!

I learned all about how to store and receive food, which was super thrilling.  If there was a way to type sarcasm, that sentence would have been loaded with it.  My online sanitation class is a huge time suck.  I made some lunch and then took a trip to the grocery store.

Wardrobe malfunction? I just wanted to be barefoot! Boulderite indeed!

Cooked some chicken, quinoa and green olive stew!  Straight from my newest Sunset magazine.  I didn’t feel like splurging on ancho chile powder, so I just used cayenne.  I also used a rotissery chicken instead of cooking my own and used water instead of broth.  Turned out well!  I loved the salty olives in the stew; I would have never thought to put them in there!  The orange zest added a nice subtle flavor as well.  The boyfriend enjoyed it as well, so it’s a keeper!


If you can find the beer to go with it, I bet it would be wonderful.  I couldn’t and instead got some gewurztraminer, my new favorite white wine.  Ever since I tasted this in class, I have been obsessed with it.  It’s a drier white wine and has a long, peppery finish.  It has a complexity of flavor unlike any other white wine I’ve tried.


The boyfriend and I are relaxing now and I’m thinking about getting ready for bed.  Early day tomorrow!  Second day of Storeroom and Product Identification.  Another non-cooking class; I haven’t used my knife kit in almost a month.  It’s all important though.


Slick new sunglasses


I hope you had a relaxing day too!  Be well and happy eating!


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