Busy, busy day. At least it's pretty like yesterday though!

Reasons why leftovers are awesome, specifically my chicken, qunioa and green olive stew I made last night:

1. I don’t have to pack dinner for work today.  All I have to do is transfer a portion to a tupperware and go!

2.  Taking lunch instead of buying it at work saves me an incredible amount of money.  And I need that extra money!

3. Leftovers usually taste better with time.  I am anticipating that my stew will taste even better today after the flavors have melding together over night.

4. Enjoying your cooking for longer than one night.  If something you make turns out really well, it’s nice to have it around for a few days.

5. I know every single ingredient that went into my stew.  I control how much salt goes in my dish.  I control how much fat.  It’s nice to know what’s in my food and that there’s no ingredients I can’t pronounce in it.

6. On a busy day like today, it’s nice to know that I can at least eat my own cooking for dinner.  I may be at work, eating out of a tupperware and studying, but at least I’m eating something I made myself.

Be well and happy eating!


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