Storeroom and Product ID class

On Monday I ran in shorts and a tank top.  Today looked like this:

Guess the weather report right about that snow storm...


What?  It was nearly 80 degrees on Monday and it didn’t get above 35 today.  I guess I did wish for it to get cooler, right?  I left at 4:50am for school this morning in anticipation for the roads being icy, but it was smooth sailing all the way!


We started doing product identification and tasting in storeroom the last two days!  So far, this has been one of my favorite things I have done in school.  I love learning about food, where it comes from and how to cook it!  My Chef is very knowledgable about everything it seems!  Our practical for this class is going to be a big table with unidentified products and we have to list what they are.  I love it!  Here’s some highlights of the day:

Salsify or oyster root


Salsify has a faint oyster scent, which is why it is also sometimes called “oyster root”.  It can be stewed or used in soups.




I figure you’ve probably seen fennel, but I just love this so much!  Probably because I like licorice so much.  Too bad fennel is so expensive most of the time.  You can shave the root and use it salads or you can roast it with other root vegetables.


Lotus root


Lotus root, the root that feeds lilies.  This tasted like nothing.  Fiber and nothing.  Chef said the only thing he’s made from lotus root is chips.  Hard to go wrong deep frying something!




My mom makes chile verde with these and it’s one of my favorite things she makes.  These come with a papery husk on the outside and are sticky when the husk is removed.  These also make really great salsa verde.  A tomatillo is not a green tomato!  It’s actually a nightshade.


watermelon radish


It’s pretty obvious why this is named a watermelon radish.  It’s it pretty?  It still tasted like a radish, but much milder than a red one.




These are excellent when ripe and covered with lime juice!  Sadly, ours was not ripe and still very starchy.  Papayas contain papayacin which is an enzyme that denatures meat, or breaks down the protein.  It’s what happens to meat after you marinate meat and it becomes more tender.


School continues to make me happy.  I am incredibly lucky to be studying food!

Have a warm evening, for those of you in Colorado!  Be well and happy eating!


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