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Check out some more of the cool stuff we looked at in my class today!  I LOVE learning about food!


Baby bok choy, I had no idea the inside looked like this!


Chayote squash, I need to cook this.  This weekend.           You can make a gratin out of chayote squash, in place of potatoes.  It looks like a pear!







Yuca root, not that's not a typo. There's a difference between YUCA and YUCCA


Also called cassava.  Can be used to make fries or add mojo de ajo, garlic sauce to them.  Super yum!









Portabella, crimini, shiitaki, champignon mushrooms!

Chanterelle mushroom, such a pretty color!




Have you ever seen a mushroom being fluted before?  Neither had I until today.  I need to learn how to do this, it’s so freaking sweet!  Check it out:

Step 1


Step 2


A few flicks of a knife later and Chef showed us these!


Fluted mushroom!


Can you see the three fish?


Seriously?  Can you imagine getting this on your plate at a restaurant?  Talk about elevating a plate to the next level.


I’ll leave you with this final picture that pretty much is one of the best things I’ve ever done! ha ha

My dream come true!


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