Third round of product ID

Can you believe how many things I looked at yesterday in class?  It’s taken me two posts to show you the most unusual things!


Onion family!


Everything I cook starts with garlic and onions.  I learned yesterday that garlic is actually a dried onion.  So, I’m really sauteing two kinds of onions when I put them together, ha ha.


Golden beet


I ate golden beets in the dining room for the first time this week and was pleasantly surprised at how sweet they were.  I didn’t even know they were beets when I was first eating them.  The rings you see in the picture are actually rings of sugar, that turn darker when cooked.


Too funny. Some people didn't get the joke.


bonito flakes, dried fish


This was very, very pungent.  Indie would have loved this.  Bonito flakes are used a lot in Japanese cooking.




Not too much to say here.  This is a truffle.  Truffles are awesome.  I’ve never been this close to one until this class; I felt like I was handling gold!  They’re kept in rice to keep moisture away from them.


Guajillo chili


We looked at several dried chilies yesterday, but this one was my favorite.  It was the most vibrant colored and smelled the most fragrant.  It is sweet and hot and is used to make adobo.


Black lentils


Black lentils!  I had no idea these existed.  The only ones I knew about were French and red lentils.  Aren’t these pretty?


I have the day off today and couldn’t be more excited!  No school, no work and a lovely dinner date with the bf tonight.  The sun is out, hitting the snowy, sparkly Flatirons.  It’s shaping up to be quite a lovely day!



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