Black Cat Farm to Table Restaurant

Last night was mine and the bf’s anniversary!  Exciting day for us to celebrate, so we decided to go out to dinner and treat ourselves to something nice. We went to Black Cat Farm to Table Bistro which was one of the best meals I have ever had in my life.  It reminded me of the food we ate on our trip to Sonoma County earlier this year.  We decided to go with the tasting menu, paired with wine, which was pretty pricey, but we definitely got our money’s worth!




This was roasted beets, from their farm (!), turnip chips, a radish tourine, and I can’t remember what the green casserole thing was on the right side of the plate, but it was delicious!  The soup was radish soup if I remember correctly.  It had truffle oil on the top!


Hello, gorgeous!


Next up was the Colorado striped bass, with a tomato ragu and capers underneath.  The green sauce was an arugula puree.  The chef left the skin on the bass so it was nice and crispy.


Such a pretty presentation. You eat with you eyes first!


Soup was up next.  We had a stuffed tomato with handmade cheese from the Chef in the consume!  It was very much like a mozzarella cheese.  The were also two heafty pieces of truffle in the soup.  I’ve gone from never seeing a truffle to handling and eating one two days in a row!




Next up was probably my favorite course of the evening, duck!  It was wrapped in a cabbage leave and seasoned perfectly.  It was paired with creamy mushrooms and barley.  The bf said that it was probably the best duck he’s ever had.  He doesn’t get as excited about food as I do, so this is a ringing endorsement!


All those colors on one plate, just lovely!


We had two plate cleansers after these.  The first was bib lettuce from the farm, that survived the frost, and it came with this tiny drink that had brown sugar and anise in it.


Bib lettuce, probably picked the day we ate it.


Haystack goat cheese with something honey-ish underneath it.  It was like honey ice!

Haystack goat cheese with honey


Asia pear slices with Colorado plum.  Simple, yet elegant.  It was quite refreshing!



And finally, dessert!  How did they know that I liked apple pie so much?!  Paired with nutmeg ice cream, it was just fantastic.  There was also chocolate mousse on top of pound cake and coffee ice cream.  A great end to a great meal!


Apple pie for me, chocolate mousse for the bf, how did they know?


It was a perfect way to celebrate us.  The restaurant was inviting and the staff was incredibly helpful and excited about the food they were serving to us.  We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!


And then, we came home and our kitchen was flooded.  Someone’s pipe burst above ours and we spent quite some time mopping up water from the floor, and behind the stove and fridge.


Sopping carpet, pulled out fridge.


They had to come and shop vac the water out of our carpet.  I fell asleep and didn’t even wake up when they turned on the vacuum.  I’m concerned about how heavily I sleep…


Be well and happy eating!


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