Scenes from this week

A combination of probably the busiest week of school yet and coming down with a cold has left me very little time to blog.  I brought my camera everywhere with me though, don’t you worry!


Quail eggs, anyone?



Himalayan pink salt bowl


I love my friend Catherine in class!  She really knows how to up the quality of a picture!


Have you ever had durian?  If you haven’t, you’re not missing out on too much.  As Chef put it, “As this gets warmer, it gets more disgusting.”  I tried it and then promptly spit in the trash.


Get in my belly, you oyster, you.



Driving home from class.


Driving makes me a little crazy sometimes.  What can I say?   I spend a lot of time in a car.


Annetto seed, this is what's used to make cheddar cheese orange!


Learning to kill a lobster.


So delicious


American Paddlefish Caviar.  This was amazing!  Did you know that you’re only supposed to eat caviar with a spoon made from Mother of Pearl or gold? Anything else will impart flavor into the caviar.


Cheese tasting = happy camper


The impending doom of a snow storm. Made for a fun drive on Wednesday morning. Why do people still insist on tailgating me when it's icy with low visibility?


The biggest requisition EVER! All of that was for one class!


Strawberry caviar.


Fresh strawberry juice + sodium alginate added to water with calcium chloride = strawberry caviar!


Frozen yogurt for my sore throat. That's pumpkin, chai and pomegranate. Pretty weird combo.


I cancelled my trip to Utah this weekend because I feel to worn out and sick to drive.  Boo.  The next three days will be all about relaxing and recovering!


Be well and happy eating.


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