Eldorado Hike

Yesterday, Sister and I went for a hike in Eldorado Canyon.  I must have had some kind of brain lapse and forgot it snowed, so we weren’t entirely prepared for the muddy state that the trail was in.  We still picked our way through the mud for a few miles before calling it quits.


Oh hey mud. Don't suck my shoes off please. This nearly happened at least five times to me.


Pretty sister, pretty scenery


We totally have tracking skills: deer!


Dog? Mountain lion stalking us?


It was so muddy that we both nearly lost our shoes a few times.  The mud was stuck so thickly to the bottom of our shoes it was like wearing two shoes!  I definitely almost ate it too.  I did one of those slide- full- force- forward- with- your- foot- but- don’t- actually- fall moves.  It was pretty funny!




Dirty girls


Boulder view


And then we took our muddy selves to Southern Sun and had a beer and split some nachos.  A good way to end the hike.  Thanks for a nice Saturday afternoon, Ellen!


Anapurna Amber



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