Eating Well on a Budget

I’ve had this thought rolling around in my head recently about the food I buy.  I like to eat the least amount of processed food possible.  Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats like avocados, with the occasional frozen yogurt or dinner out thrown in there.  I would say that I have a pretty decent diet, but having that type of diet is expensive.  I can never buy enough produce to last us a week; I always have to make a mid week trip to restock on greens and bananas.  I do most of my shopping at Whole Foods, but lately, I found myself venturing into Safeway and King Soopers to scope out their produce.  It’s pretty darn cheap.  Local kale for $1.  Apples for under $3 per pound.  Canned beans for 80 cents.


I could buy all of my produce and dry goods there but my question is about produce.  Would it be better to buy organic, fresh produce and spend the extra bucks, or still eat well, but eat produce that isn’t necessarily organic or not treated with pesticides?  In some sense, I want to throw organic to the wind and but all the produce I want to eat on the cheap.  I could buy more produce for much less money and I could eat all the fresh food I want.  With my funds pretty limited these days, this option has been sounding better and better to me.  A green pepper at King Soopers was 89 cents, as opposed to over a dollar at Whole Foods.  Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?


There is the flip side though.  I really, really hate the idea of eating GMOs.  I’d rather not have my produce manipulated and monkeyed around with.  Can’t a tomato just remain a tomato?  Can’t we let it grow free and do it’s own thing?  Tomatoes were doing just fine before we came along and manipulated them to stay red and taste like cardboard.  I realize that all convential soy products are GMed, so I eat strictly organic soy products.  Corn is another produce item that almost always genetically modified.   I also hate the idea of pesticides on my food.  The idea of spraying potentially toxic pesticides all over my food is not something I like to think about.


So, which option is better for a poor culinary student like me?  Suck it up for the next year and buy cheap vegetables or spend my money on the organic produce?  Should I just buy the dirty dozen in produce organic?


2 thoughts on “Eating Well on a Budget

  1. Buy some non-organic vegetables until they fit into your budget again. If you like the way organic tomatoes taste better, splurge on your tomato purchase! You can pick and choose what you’d like to buy organic and this way your not entirely giving up on taste, but you would be cutting back on the cost. Everybody spends a lot of money on groceries, but with the amount you spend on vegetables you could afford to buy a few non-organic. At least temporarily while you you are trying to cut back.

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