Kombucha, Round 2.

My morning is starting off very green today:


Kale stems, spinach, orange and coconut water.


I also checked on my kombucha that I bottled last night.  Remember that time I tried to make kombucha earlier this year?  Well, I never really blogged about my end results because they didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to.  I let the kombucha ferment for too long and it resulted in a kombucha that tasted way too vinegary.  I tried to drink it-I put so much effort into making it-but even watering it down wouldn’t save it.


My kombucha is lighter in color because I used jasmine green tea instead of black tea.


I forgot about kombucha for a while, until I started reading Faith’s blog and it had a recipe for kombucha that was much easier than the one I had previously used.  So, last week, I set out on a kombucha adventure again.  I grew my own SCOBY using the following ingredients:

  • jasmine green tea, 1 bag
  • water, 1 cup
  • sugar, 2 tablespoons
  • 1 bottle of GT’s kombucha
Bring the water and sugar to a boil and wait for the sugar to dissolve.  Turn off the heat, add the jasmine tea bag and wait for the mixture to cool to room temperature.  I put mine the the fridge to speed up the process.
Then, take a clean glass jar, pour the sugar/tea mixture into it and then add half a bottle of kombucha.  I used the bottom half because that’s where the most stringy, mushroom threads are.  Cover with a paper towel and then put a rubber band around the edge, sealing it from any flies or such.  In about a week and half, you should have a SCOBY!
Now, it’s time to actually make your brew!  Bring four cups of water to a boil with a 1/4 cup of sugar.  Dissolve the sugar and then add two jasmine green tea bags.  Bring to room temperature and then add to your SCOBY.  It is especially important this time to make sure your tea/sugar mixture is not hot, otherwise you will kill the SCOBY.  I put mine in the fridge, like the in first step, except I let the solution get completely cold to ensure that I don’t mess with the SCOBY.
I let this batch ferment for a week and it turned out pretty darn good.  It was still slightly on the vinegary side, but not nearly as bad as the one from the first round.  I also added a slash of cranberry juice to my brew while it was fermenting and that made it turn a pleasant red color.  I have been buying way too much GT’s kombucha recently.  It’s way cheaper to make my own and I can control the ingredients too.
I just made my second batch and this time I used one black tea bag and one Red Zinger tea bag.  My brew is such a vibrant red color right now!  I hope it turns out well.
It’s pretty windy in Boulder today, might have to take the run indoors.  Be well and happy eating!

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