Nutrition and Sensory Analysis, Things I’ve Made!

I’m wrapping up my final class of my first quarter if culinary school!  It seems like only yesterday I was driving at 5 am to Johnson and Wales, on the verge of vomiting and tears because I was so nervous.  Reason number 1 million that the BF is a keeper: he called me at 5:15 to make sure I was all right and give me a pep talk.  Anybody who gets up that early for you must be a winner!

Any who, I went from being anxious and scared I wouldn’t be good enough, to making things like this:

Final presentation for Nutrition made with my awesome group!

This would be my final that my group and I created today for our practical grade.  We had to modify recipes and make them somewhat healthier.  They had to fit into certain perimeters for total calories, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium etc.  Dylan made the duck, which turned out wonderfully, despite removing all the butter and demi glace.  Chef said, “The duck was just there,” meaning it was well cooked. Well done, Dylan.  Natasha made the stuffed zuchinni, which turned out incredibly.  The zuchinni were cooked, but still had slight crisp to them, and the filling was crunchy and flavorful.  I made the sweet potato gnocchi.  Hooray for beta carotene and Vitamin A!  I told my class that it would be good for their eyes to eat my gnocchi and the olive oil would be good for their heart.  Olive oil > butter in my humble opinion.

Remember way back when I first tried to make gnocchi?  Yeah, it went way better than that.  Having the right tools is essential to cooking.  Here’s some other dishes I’ve made in this class:

Italian white bean spread sandwich with potato salad. Dressing of yogurt & dill instead of mayo!


Eggs Benedict with mock bearnaise sauce. My sauce was the closest to real egg yolk color!


Roasted poblano, mushroom & goat cheese tamale. No leftovers-our class inhaled these!


En papillote, protein steamed in parchment paper.


Poached salmon with quinoa salad & aparagus.


This has been one of my favorite classes so far because it feels the most creative.  I also really enjoy creating healthier versions of recipes that people enjoy just as much.  The sweet potato gnocchi went over very well today.  Everyone was so curious about it and kept walking over to watch me make it!  Today was a wonderful day in class and I’m so happy to be in school.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a morning that cooking my heart out.

My group, minutes before we presented to class:


The gang! We were so proud of ourselves today!


Well done guys, well done.  Be well and happy eating!




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