First Trimester of School, Done!

My class and awesome Chef Henkel!


As of yesterday, I have completed one full trimester of culinary school!  How quickly the last months have passed.  A quick recap of all things school related, mostly just funny things that have happened this semester.

  • I nearly passed out from anxiety on the first day of class.  I honestly thought I would puke.  I didn’t, and not only survived but started doing well!
  • Things I have had sprayed, spit or land on my face: veal, halibut, oil on my eyelid, lobster water.  Impressive, huh?  Nothing phases me now.
  • I have not overslept once but then again,  I also set two alarms on my phone.
  • Days missed of class: 0
  • I’ve probably burned myself at least 10 times.  You’d think they’d stock the culinary labs with pot holders.  Nope, that would be way to logical.  I’ve just excepted the fact that by the end of this year, I won’t have fingerprints.
  • It’s possible to be cheerful at 6 in the morning.  I asked someone why they were grumpy one morning and they just stared at me.  “Don’t you know what time it is?”  Yep, sure do!  5:45 am and we’re 15 minutes early to class.
  • The days of having nice, soft hands are behind me for good.  Sticking your hands in scalding, soapy water and sanitizer certainly does a number on you hands.  People like to fill the sinks with only hot water and then I stick my hand in there.  The water is so hot it feels cold at first and then I mutter profanities under my breath.

A quick recap, but I’ll do a more detailed one this weekend.  I’ve got some Modern Family and Dexter to watch!


Be well and happy eating!


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