Lazy Saturday

The only productive thing I have done today is work on my paper for my dining room class at school.  I haven’t gotten out of my pjs, nor left the house.  My sister came over and we watched Bridesmaids and now I’m going over to Alli and Nik’s to watch another movie.  I feel a little bad about not going to the gym, but it’s snowing!  I sort of have an excuse for lazing about.

I miss home.  I miss having no obligations or responsibilities.  For four glorious days, I was free from my Boulder, some-what adult life.  It was pretty great.  I got to play with cute dogs,


That's not your seat.


Drink delicious adult beverages,

Wine from a tiny winery near my aunt and uncle's house.


Eat my favorite dessert,

Apple pie, duh.


And just relax:

Afternoon on the deck


And now I have days where I don’t eat for extended periods of time, either because I don’t have time or I didn’t pack enough food.  It’s hard to pack enough food for 12 hours.  I had a pretty busy week this week and Thanksgiving seems like a long time ago.  It’s been pretty hard for me to get back into the grind, but I’ll get through it.  I always do.


Time for movie number 2!  And popcorn!


Be well & happy eating!


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