By the Numbers.

Chef photo shoot


Hours on campus: 12.

Times dining room coat washed since Sunday: 2

Times yelled at in dining room: 2

Mistakes made in class: 4? 20?

Minutes ran: 45.

Hours between Dining room class & Nutrition class: 4.

Commute to school: 35 minutes

Commute home: 45 minutes.

Commute view, almost home! From a different week when it wasn't snowing.


Outside temp @ 5 am: 8.

Outside temp @ 6:30 pm: 0.  My nose hairs froze when I walk outside.  It’s that cold.

Dinner made in: 10 minutes.

Hours in slept: never enough.

Hours spent with awesome friends in class: 8.

Christmas presents bought: 1.

Catch ya later, it’s time for this want-to-be chef to go to bed.


Be well & happy eating!




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